spanish property market

Spain is actually the 7th most popular country for private Chinese investors, according to Chinese property website

Thanks to its relatively low prices, the Spanish property market is considered as a good investment opportunity for the growing middle class growing in China. Jan Kot of Juwai confirms the most popular areas are Barcelona, Madrid, Alicante, Valencia, and Marbella.

Hu Ning, a Chinese businessman, looked at Canada, the United States and the United Kingdom before deciding on Spain and just bought a property in Barcelona, where his wife has found work and his daughter is going to one of the city’s international schools.

“The most important thing for me was return on investment. Prices are low in Spain, but starting to pick up. This will be a safe investment: I might need seven or eight years, but after that the property will make me the profit I’m looking for,” says Hu.

According to Jan Kot, another strong advantage in buying in Spain for Chinese citizens is the immediate residency and access throughout the Schengen Area for any person I  the world that invest more than €500,000. “Compared to other similar programs, Spain’s is the simplest, not just because it costs less, but also because it is very flexible, also, it gives immediate access to free health and education.”