“ready4Spain” as real estate consulting specialist, is born with the firm intention of offering a global service to the sector in order to optimize the management throughout all the value chain.

For this reason professionals such as architects, landscape architects, lawyers, economists, engineers, etc. Our staff has over 25 years experience in the sector, having developed strategic projects in all the Mediterranean area of ​​Spain, including the Balearic and Canary Islands.

All our team of professionals have a high degree of expertise and knowledge with analytical skills to identify at any moment the market trends.

We have advised landowners to define the best possible strategy in types of housing and global and specific concepts for the viability of the project. To date we have sold 70 important projects with a total of more than 14,000 homes.


“ready4Spain” provides global and comprehensive advice to the tourist and real estate sector, getting involved from the preliminary study, creation, development and marketing of real estate projects, including all the phases, comprising after-sales.

We are the only company offering comprehensive services to developers and homebuyers.

These general services include the preliminary study of the future real estate project, advising through our various departments (legal, engineering, architecture, marketing, sales, etc.), the feasibility of such a project, thanks to our experience in the sector, we always adapt the offer to the existing demand.

Advising the promoter is essential and key for the success of the project, so that both our ongoing market research, as our national and international sales structure allows us to know permanently what kind of product should be carried out at any time depending on the country of origin of the buyer, custom thereof, currency strength, taxation, etc. To meet customer needs.

Once the project is launched, “ready4Spain” develops the entire marketing, advertising, corporate image, design, etc. Adapting to the sensibilities and customs of the different markets for which it is intended, with a professional follow-up of everything related to that project, which runs from the point of sale, display, format, location, etc.

Our commercial network initiates the sale of real estate developments in both domestic and international markets. The excellent service provided to our clients makes our company a benchmark in the sector, helping to ensure success for the developer and the client. Ensuring the success for the developer and the customer.


“ready4Spain” has an extensive commercial structure. A safe, transparent, close, strong and effective structure for the sale of real estate assets in Spain to international markets, applying the appropriate methodology to make Spain the best destination for vacation and investment.

We offer our partners comprehensive support, with important legal advice so that both the partner and the prospective buyer have their interests protected at all times.

Thanks to our extensive international experience and knowledge of the area, we advise our partners about the most suitable sales methods and niche markets according to their specific area of influence. We supply all the necessary documentation and commercial support to help attract the maximum number of buyers. As we start our activities from our home country, we are in the best position to advise clients on finding their ideal property according to their needs, tastes and budget.

“ready4Spain” trains and instructs its employees with a strict protocol, which ensures proper development of the business plan and marketing actions.

“ready4Spain” takes the potential buyer through all the different stages: We start our activities in our home country, where we advise clients in finding their ideal property according to their tastes and needs. We organize your inspection trip to Spain and provide comprehensive legal advice, ensuring the success of the purchase.Our main strength, and what differentiates us from other companies, is our broad range of products and locations, with our comprehensive service to the customer, from purchase to after-sale.