Why Ready4spain?

“ready4Spain” was born with the solid vocation to be a major player in the real estate sector
and has developed a new business model.

25 years of experience in the real estate sector

Our team has extensive experience of the real estate sector, having developed strategic projects throughout the Mediterranean area of Spain, including the Balearic Islands. To date we have sold 70 major projects making our company a leader in the number of transactions in the Spanish Mediterranean area.

Good knowledge of all areas within Spain

We start our activities from our home country, where we advise clients in finding their ideal property according to their needs, tastes and budget.

Comprehensive and secure service

“ready4Spain” is more than a real estate agency. It’s a team that you can trust and rely on. Our main objective is to convey confidence and obtain the total satisfaction of the property buyer, accompanying and advising at every stage of the process. From the search for the most appropriate property through to meeting all the after-sales needs, we make sure the client has nothing to worry about and feels in safe hands.

1. Property purchase

Our team, based in Spain will help you to find your dream house in the perfect area.

“ready4Spain” is proposing a new concept in the real estate sector. Our mission is to bring you more than a home, but a real experience of life in Spain. First of all we’d like to know more about your dream lifestyle in Spain:

  • Project of life: Do you wish to live permanently in Spain? To find your dream holiday home? To invest in Spain?
  • Activities: Are you a golfer? Do you love water sports? Never tire of hiking in the mountains? Do you want to enjoy your retirement near a sunny, sandy beach? Have lots of options for family activities?
  • Areas: Do you want to feel relaxed in the countryside? Do you want to wake up every morning overlooking a sandy beach? Do you want to participate in the local life of a village?
  • Facilities: Which services and facilities are essential for you? Hospital, shopping mall, city centre, sports clubs, vet?
  • Property Type: Are you looking for an apartment? A villa?
  • Options: What options are important for you? Swimming pool? Terrace? Garage?
  • Budget: What is your Budget?

Then our local team of experts will select the best area that matches with your expectations and propose different properties to finally find the home of your dreams in the perfect place.

We will advise and support you during all the purchase process. Thanks to our strict protocol, we offer all our clients, the necessary guarantees to undertake an important investment such as the purchase of a property.

You will receive all the necessary information about the houses that best suit your needs, along with a detailed document that describes the steps for making a purchase in our country.

Our team will help you to organize your visit to Spain to make the best use of your time. We can advise you on the flight booking, airport pick up, car hire, hotel reservation and more.

Once in Spain the “ready4Spain” team will show you a selection of properties previously analyzed, which comply with the characteristics set by the client.

After deciding the most appropriate housing, our legal team will be responsible for reviewing and giving approval to each and every stage of the purchase process: contract of deposit, submission of guarantees, verification of certificate of occupancy, free of any charges or debts, public deed, mortgage loan application, etc. In addition, our financial advisor can help you to open a bank account and will arrange the setting up of a mortgage if needed.

2. After-sale service

The after-sale service is as important as the sale. We guarantee the correct registration of the property, we manage the contracts for electricity and water, We advise our clients on the community of owners, we make arrangements with the local administration for all matters relating to taxation, etc. We can also take care of any general services such as arranging the decoration of your house, landscaping your garden, the full maintenance of your house, pool and garden through to arranging school enrolment for your children.

And most importantly, we keep you informed of all activities that may be of interest and that will allow you to enjoy your dream of living in Spain.

Engineering and Architecture service: tell us what your project is, we can draw and build the house that you are dreaming of! Within the multidisciplinary team of “ready4Spain”, we have engineers, architects, surveyors and landscape architects, able to advise our clients about any real estate project they wish to undertake. From a renovation, building a house, or the study and development of an urban partial plan, our company carries out all phases of the project, with the corresponding approved documents, building permits, construction projects or any paperwork needed for the proper development, carrying out an exhaustive control in each and every single phase. The team that forms ​​the division of Engineering and Architecture has extensive experience, being able to adapt each project to your needs and tastes.

3. Property sale

The team at “ready4Spain” can help you to sell your property, whether single-family housing, plots, warehouses, garages, shops, etc. The specialized professionals in our company will make ​​a detailed study of your property, analyzing its current state and estimating its market value. To later carry out the ideal commercial actions, focused on the right target market, to secure a sale as soon as possible.

4. Rental management

We offer an innovative and quality service for owners who wish to benefit by letting their property. The comprehensive management service includes:

  • Monthly review of the property
  • Dealing with the administration (regional, local, town council)
  • Utilities connection (electricity, water, gas, etc)
  • sending tradesmen (masonry, plumbing, …)
  • Participation in the community of owners assemblies
  • Bill collection
  • Rental

On the other hands, if you are looking for a renting, we make a personalized search adapted to your needs, tastes and budget among the wide range of properties available to us. We place at your disposal our extensive experience in the sector, in addition to a service offered by our experts to advise you throughout the process of searching a property and we will help you with the necessary management and signing the contract.

5. Investment

Investment in a range of sectors including the residential sector, hotel business, shopping malls, logistic centers, offices, golf courses, etc. It is headed by top level professionals in each business unit, with an important national and international network, currently operating from Madrid to Shanghai, from London to Singapore and from Geneva to Hong Kong